As you’ve probably heard by now, Julian Assange lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden in the High Court this morning. Click here to read the full judgement – Assange-judgment pdf

I’m just going to highlight some key points included in the judgement, specifically those concerning the allegations of rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion. These are images by the way, so if you click on them the text will be easier to read:

Now once again I reiterate that I don’t know whether Assange is guilty or innocent of the sex crimes he’s alleged to have committed, and neither does the High Court. What is clear from this morning’s judgement though, is that all those nonsensical arguments put about by Assange’s fan boys that Swedish law is ridiculous, and that in any other country what Assange is alleged to have done would not have constituted rape or sexual molestation or indeed even been considered a crime at all are exactly that – bloody nonsensical. If Assange had behaved like this in this or any other country he would still be facing the same charges.

Because sexual intercourse without consent is rape.

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