Okay, so some of you may have noticed a bit of a spat going on over the past few days between me, Sunny Hundal, and John Band. What kicked it off was this piece by John B over at Liberal Conspiracy which I and a few other feminists took exception to about Julian Assange and the sex crimes charges he’s facing in Sweden – ‘Wikileaks’ Julian Assange isn’t accused of rape’ (the title has since been edited).

Sunny and I had a heated Twitter exchange on Friday about it, then (at Sunny’s request) I wrote a response to John B’s piece for LibCon – ‘Why it’s wrong to casually dismiss the allegations against Julian Assange’ (where in the comments John Band informed me I should have sought his approval before publishing!)

Now Sunny has written a response to something I said in my Tweets about how left wing men always sell out women in the end – ‘Do left wing men always sell out women in the end?‘ (again, the title has since been changed, but you can see the original in the url)

It’s all a bit in-fighty and meta for my liking, but whatever, I’m pretty fucked off about the whole thing. So, I’m going to publish the tweet exchange here, in its entirety, so people can make up their own minds about who said what to who, because to be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to selectively quote from tweets as Sunny has done without putting things in their full context.

And yes, I’m going to go all Wikileaks on your arses and publish the original Twitter Direct Message (DM) exchange that prompted me to go on to Twitter and call Sunny out. Because if Assange can leak shit, then what the hell, so can I.

Here goes:

Then came the Direct Message exchange, which I reproduce below:

Sunny – I read your comment (Ed – reference here is to this comment I posted under Band’s piece, which began “I’m disappointed to see this piece up at LibCon to be honest.”) I don’t really agree Cath. Think it’s relevant to discuss the actual allegations

Me – My issue is with the way that discussion is framed though. The piece is sexist and racist/xenophobic 😦

Sunny – sorry but I don’t agree. How is it farmed to be misogynist? Not sure where the xenophobia comes in either…?

Me – It feeds into the whole women lie about rape schtick, and then there’s the weirdo Swedes with their strange ideas nonsense.

Sunny – Two points: calling this ‘rape’ IS ludicrous. And if you think any nuance on subject is misogynist we’ll have to disagree

Sunny – I was also accused of disunity when I criticised black orgs for making common cause with HuT remember?

Sunny -john goes out of his way to say rape under-reporting is a problem and women are wrongly castigated. Hence, making this clear

Sunny – …that it’s not rape and having nuance I think is justified.

Me – Sunny, can’t you see why some of us might have an issue with men attempting to dictate what is and isn’t rape?

Sunny – sure you can but this isn’t either/or. Aren’t men allowed to be worried about what is called “rape” too?

And then back on to public Twitter:

Then DM to me – PS – if you want to outline your concerns in a blog post for LC, that might be a better way to discuss. But up to you

And that’s where it ended.

Now can someone point me to the bit where I said that any discussion about Assange and the sex crimes allegations should never have been allowed on LibCon please, because try as I might I just can’t find it.

Oh yes, and I can also point out, before there are many more responses under Sunny’s piece like this one: “I think throwing the term ‘misogyny’ around is a very annoying habit of some feminists.” that if you follow the exchange from the start you’ll see I used the term “sexist” initially, and it was Sunny who then chose to translate it as ‘misognist‘.

Anyway, that’s it, that’s what this whole furore has been about.

Now can we all please move on.