I had a lovely Xmas. I especially enjoyed the bits of it that I spent away from the Internet.

As for on the Internet itself. Well, these (unpublished) comments were submitted under this piece on Xmas eve:

“There’s too many ugly man-hatin’ lezbeens a-wailing an’ a bitchin’ in this-a- here forum.
Probbly smell worse’n ma mule after a week a’ hauling hoss-manure.
Guess ah’ll mosey along -find me some nice-smellin, nice -lookin gals that don’t sound like rattlers hissin. Hell, rattlers got more sense and ain’t nowheres near as pizenous!
Yee Haw!”

You scrivened: “Linda et al. Don’t bother spending hours composing any more comments for this thread, because they either won’t get through, or I will delete them. My blog my rules: now run along and go and play somewhere else”
Typical femi-Nazi horse-shit- -”my mind’s made up, don’t bother me with the truth” -and don’t let anyone else know either, eh, Cath?
No wonder Western men are choosing not to marry sour, self-centred witches like you. Your blog sucks.”

“Charming,” I thought, “and a happy Xmas to you too George, whoever you are.”

Then last night I discovered I was being followed on Twitter by someone calling themselves The Missing Minister: “The Missing Minister for Men here, with the hottest sex equality issues and angles the mainstream media won’t touch, from the front line of gender politics.”

Here’s their tweet stream, but be warned, they’re a nasty fucker, whoever they are@MIN4MEN

Take this tweet for example:

Now ordinarily I would do my best to ignore shit like this. After all, why give whoever is behind this the oxygen of publicity and all that?

But then something about “The Missing Minister for men” rang a bell. And I remembered Reece Wilkes.

In November 2009 I wrote about 16 year old budding MRA Wilkes and his interview with the then Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague. During the interview Wilkes had asked Hague why there “couldn’t be a minister for equality who could deal with both men’s and women’s issues instead of there just being a minister for women.” But as I and others were quick to point out, there was at the time (and there is now) a minister who fulfils precisely that role: the Minister for Women and Equalities. In November 2009 it was Harriet Harman; now it’s Theresa May

Here the original article – Sticking to the MRA script

And here’s a link to Wilkes’ interview on the radio show Mens Matters on Express FM. Yes, that radio show, the Mens Matters radio show that’s hosted by none other than Portsmouth Tory Councillor James Williams. It’s a small world isn’t it!

Anyway, my article prompted the usual bile from Men’s Rights Activists, including this heartwarming comment that was posted on a thread at antimisandry.com:

“I can’t believe this, I’m not taking the word of a fat flabby-arsed woman who ridicules and mocks a 16 year old young man whose only want is equality, he has not suggested women “lose out” in any way, just that men be treated as fairly as women, he’s not exactly asking for much, yet this vile specimen mocks the young guy? She’s a fucking cretin, and I doubt there would be a man who would write such bile about a young woman who only wanted to be treated fairly, she’s a disgusting pig who, strangely enough, looks like an extremely ugly gay man who is riddled with AIDS, how unfortunate for her scabby arse, looking like that she’ll be unable to land a man or a woman, even a repulsive one.”

Then in October 2010, Reece Wilkes got in touch with me via email. He had, he said, written a “dissertation“, which he thought I might find an “interesting” “new addition” to current research. He suggested I keep an eye out for it, as he would shortly be posting it on the Internet. I emailed him back to thank him, and assured him I would do just that.

Then November came, and with it another email from the now 17 year old Wilkes, this time with a link to said “dissertation.”

I read it.

And I decided to ignore it.

It would be too cruel to young Reece, I thought, to submit his work for critique to the readers of this blog.

But what the hell. If Wilkes isn’t behind the vile @MIN4MEN Twitter account, he’s most certainly allied with those who are.

So here’s the “dissertation“. Enjoy!