Well, I’ll give the Men’s Rights Activists one thing: they’re certainly catching ’em young these days.

As an example, here’s a recently published interview that 16 year old MRA wannabe Reece Wilkes carried out with Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague.

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Particular highlights for me in this report include:

(On being asked why there couldn’t be a minister for equality who could deal with both men’s and women’s issues instead of there just being a minister for women) “Mr Hague looked baffled and did not have an answer to this.”

Ermm. Note to both Reece Wilkes and William Hague: Harriet Harman is currently Minister for Women and Equality and heads up the Government Equalities Office, you know, the department that deals with equalities issues. She doesn’t head up the Government Women’s Office, because, surprise surprise! No such office exists.

“Reece replied to this that he believes that there is a bias/favouritism within the media towards women”


“Mr Hague said he had sent a number of letters to Harriet Harman, and had not received anything back. He actually described Harriet Harman as “incompetent”. Reece agreed in full and added that he thought Harriet Harman was “pathetic”.”

and then they both laughed, slapped each other on the back, and talked about what back-biting bitchez women could be….

Seriously though, young Reece’s questions are so boringly predictable I could have compiled them for him in my sleep:

  • Ask about a minister for men: check
  • Talk about men’s health issues being ignored: check
  • Circumcision v FGM: check
  • And whatever you do don’t forget to mention the family Courts and father’s rights: check

There’s only one thing missing from all this, one crucial MRA issue Reece forgot to bring up, one part of the MRA script he’s quite shockingly left out.

He forgot to ask Hague what the Tories are planning to do about all the false rape accusations!

Ah well, maybe off the back of his new found fame as an MRA poster boy he’ll get a second interview, and a chance to rectify this glaring omission.