Inspired by Adam Bienkov and others: these are the posts that got the most views on this blog in 2010.

1. Big John (November 2010)

Post about Judge John Rogers QC, who in November this year gave an eight month jail sentence to a rape victim for “falsely withdrawing” her original allegations against her perpetrator.

2. “That’s alright because I like the way it hurts” (August 2010)

My take on that Eminem/Rhianna song and video.

3. The missing list (September 2010)

A list of 80 UK based feminist blogs that tend to be ignored by the politics bloggers who make up the blokeosphere.

4. What a hoot (August 2010)

In August Hooters supporters embraced social media. In the process they kindly provided us with ample evidence of how Hooters promotes and perpetuates sexism and demeans and degrades women.

5. Well that didn’t take long (February 2010)

A post and comment thread in which the prostitution debate continued apace, and that culminated in me and Thierry Schaffauser of the IUSW actually agreeing on something.

6. “Your husband has a right to expect regular sex” (October 2009)

An old one, but depressingly one of the most popular posts on this blog that’s arrived at through search engines – terms that people (I’d hazard a guess it’s mainly women) have used to get here include things like “husband wants sex all the time, do I have to say yes?” and “husband’s right to sex?”

7. Tory councillor claims domestic violence policy a “war on men” (December 2010)

Portsmouth Tory Councillor James Williams (the chair of Portsmouth City Council’s Education, children and young people scrutiny panel) has a bug up his arse about domestic violence strategies. He also hosts a men’s rights radio show on Portsmouth’s Express FM channel entitled ‘Mens Matters’.

8. The attack on child benefit is an attack on women (October 2010)

In October George Osborne announced that from 2013 Child Benefit payments will be axed for any family with a parent earning enough to put them in the 40-50%  income tax bracket.

9. Forsaken? (November 2010)

On Nadine Dorries and the pro-life organisation that she claimed in a House of Commons debate was “neither pro-life nor pro-choice: it is pro-women.”

10. Melanie Phillips talks shit, again (May 2010)

In 2010 Melanie Phillips continued to do what she does best.

I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised by this list. I wasn’t expecting my top ten most popular posts to be dominated by feminist ones, I expected the more mainstreamy political posts to be up there. Just goes to show how much I know eh?