It was Sebastian Horsley’s funeral today. Yeah I know, I didn’t cry when I heard the tragic news of his untimely death either.

So anyway, the fabulous Kate Smurthwaite, who posts over at Cruella-Blog, decided to go to his funeral. Not in the way that Stephen Fry, Nick Cave, and all the other celebrity lets-close-our-eyes-and-ears-to-the-misogyny-this-man-celebrated luvvies did though. No, Kate went there for other, more righteous reasons.

Click the link below to read Kate’s account of how she nearly got arrested for standing outside the church and holding up a sign that said: “Where are the horse-drawn carriages for the victims of prostitution?”

Threatened With Arrest

From Kate:

“So I abandoned ship and went home just as two beautiful horses arrived followed by the polished black funeral carriage draped in layers of sumptuous red velvet to convey into the historic church, lavishly decorated with sunflowers and a grand piano, the body of a man who bragged that he couldn’t be bothered to check if the prostitute he was fucking was alive or not.”