The University of East Anglia has just announced the line up for its Autumn Literary Festival. And guess what?

Yep – Seven men, and just two women:

Here’s the list: Wilbur Smith; Gail Jones; David Lodge; Evan Davis; Richard Dawkins; Jeffrey Eugenides; Antony Beevor; Antonia Fraser, and Alan Hollinghurst.

Obviously I’ll be going to hear what Dawkins has to say. Or then again, maybe not.

Anyway, speaking of the disproportionate attention paid to/representation of men in the media, blokeosphere, cyber/digital world, literary world, the whole wide fucking world and universe – I know I’m a bit late with this, but did anyone go to this very important training seminar earlier this year: How to Deal With Bloggers? Featuring (wait for it) an all male cast of very very important and influential political bloggers: Iain Dale; Harry Cole; Laurence Durnan; Phil Hendren; Sunny Hundal, and Shane Greer…