I hate cooking, with a vengeance, hence my standard reply of “shit from the freezer” when my poor unfortunate offspring ask what gastronomic delights I have in store for them on any particular day; and yet for some completely inexplicable reason I came back from France on Sunday night (where we stayed in the same place as last year, so I won’t bore you with the details or the holiday snaps) with a sodding crepe pan. And not just any old crepe pan I hasten to add, but a crepe pan that’s so fucking heavy I’m going to be in serious danger of breaking my wrist if I ever attempt to use it.

What can I say: it was the last day of the holiday; we were at a French market; up to that point I hadn’t managed to find anything I particularly wanted to buy and I always like to bring home some kind of memento from the places I visit (well, that’s my excuse for some of the bizarre items that litter my house anyway); and I really really like eating crepes.

I’m not convinced I’m going to really really enjoy cooking them though, but I’ll keep you posted on that score if and when I ever manage to make any.

But have no fear. My purchase of a crepe pan and my determination at some point in the dim and distant future to actually use said crepe pan to cook some actual crepes does not mean this blog is in any danger of turning into a cooking blog. And nor does it mean that I’m in imminent danger of turning into one of those retro 50’s housewifey types who seem to think that 21st Century women who are engaged in baking cupcakes, or knitting, or sewing, or any one of a number of other such ‘crafts’, are bravely reclaiming some kind of long lost feminist heritage or something. Because to put it bluntly, pull the other one, it’s got “you’ve been conned” written all over it.

Anyway, I’m back. From France. And I’ve got a new crepe pan. But take heed: this is not an invitation to post crepe recipes in the comments. I’d actually be more interested to hear what weird and wonderful objects you’ve brought back from your travels. And did you ever end up using them, or have they sat forlornly in a cupboard/on a shelf ever since you brought them home?