Or maybe that should read – behind every picture there’s a story.

When this photo of my oldest daughter, the poet, was taken on a family holiday in Cornwall a few years ago (it’s Tintagel btw), I was standing about 20 feet away yelling at the top of my lungs: “Get back, get away from the edge!”

You see, not only do I have a thing about heights, I also have another thing about wanting to keep my children safe and away from danger. To say I wasn’t impressed about this little escapade would be an understatement.

But Mrw, as he’s come to be known on CiF, was adamant that everything was safe: there was apparently a ledge that I couldn’t see, and that’s out of the camera shot, just below where the poet was so precariously balanced. “Calm down, she’s not going to fall, come and have a look” David Bailey kept assuring me, but I refused, plonking myself down on the rocks as far away from the edge of the cliff as I could manage, and scowling and muttering at the pair of them.

A few months later, Mrw spotted a photo competition in the Guardian. A travel company was offering free holidays for the best photos people had taken on their summer vacations. So he cropped this one a bit and sent it in.

He didn’t manage to win us a holiday, but he did win a runners up prize.

For two weeks a huge blown-up version of this picture was displayed on a massive billboard at the side of one of Norwich’s main roads, along with the message: “Congratulations Mrw of Norwich on being a runner up in our holiday snaps competition!”

Then Mrw and the poet were interviewed for the local paper. The interview appeared alongside another photo, this time of the two of them standing next to their billboard. They were both very proud of themselves.

And I was left feeling a bit silly, because if I’d had my way this stunning picture wouldn’t even exist.