According to the Asian Human Rights Commission five women, including two teenagers, were buried alive in Pakistan about a month ago.

The women were on their way to a court, where three of the women were due to marry men they had chosen themselves. After several days of discussions, the elders of the Umrani tribe had refused them permission to marry, but the women were going ahead anyway.

News of their plans leaked out, and the women were abducted at gunpoint by at least 6 men and driven off in a Land Cruiser jeep. They were taken to a remote location where three of the women were badly beaten and shot at. Although seriously injured, all three were still alive when they were hurled into a ditch and covered over with earth. The two older women (the aunt of one of the girls, and the mother of another) apparently protested, at which point they too were pushed into the ditch and buried alive.

So far no one has been arrested. It’s thought that one of the perpetrators is the younger brother of the provincial minister.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has begun an appeal and is calling for an investigation into this case. Please follow the links to their site and send off letters to the relevant authorities.