Having read a fair few comment threads and discussions across blog sites and social networks over the past few months, I feel a need to clarify some things in respect of the Safe Space for Women statement that I co-authored with Marsha Jane back in March.

First off, as the title of this post says: sometimes words really do mean what they say.

Or to put it another way: nowhere in the statement do we call for the handful of people that remain in the SWP to be ‘witch-hunted’ out of our trade unions or the wider labour movement. Nowhere do we state that anyone who hasn’t signed the statement must be immediately denounced as a misogynist or a handmaiden of the patriarchy; and nowhere do we say that anyone who disagrees with the way the statement’s worded should feel bullied or coerced into signing it just because hundreds of other comrades have signed, or be in any way ostracised if they don’t.

I’ve refused to put my name to lots of petitions over the years because I’ve not felt entirely comfortable with the wording. That doesn’t make me an enemy of the left, it doesn’t even imply I don’t support the fundamental cause the petition’s about. It just means I can sometimes be a bit of a pedant.

It can also mean though that sometimes I’ll read something into a statement or petition that isn’t even there. And that’s what I think has happened with this. People are cocking their heads, squinting their eyes, and reading between the lines. Except that in this instance there’s nothing to read between the lines so they’re making stuff up instead.

I read one comment somewhere, and my apologies for not remembering where, that suggested MJ and I should have made the statement even longer, to spell out exactly what we were asking people to sign up to and what was behind it all. But to be honest I think it should have been shorter, I think what we’re after could have been summed up in a couple of short sentences:

“We stand opposed to any form of male violence against women, and we’ll do our best to make sure that when it happens in our movement those involved will be dealt with. Appropriately.”

That’s it. That’s all we want people to pledge. It’s hardly rocket science is it?

Instead there’s been a slew of “hmmm, who are these creeping feminists/trade union bureaucrats/tools of the right/CIA stooges/spies/blah blah conspiracy theorist blah, and what’s their real motivation?”

Obviously I can only speak for myself, but my motivation is what it’s always been: opposing all forms of violence against women. I would hope that my record on this issue speaks for itself, that the endless articles I’ve written both here and elsewhere across the web make clear where I stand. Oh yes, and I’m a feminist, and I make absolutely no apology for that, in the same way I make no apology for being a socialist and a trade unionist.

I’ve also read how, in the wrong hands, the statement could be used against hard-working committed left wing comrades in the trade union movement, and to some extent yes, I suppose it could. But I’ve been around long enough to know that if they’re out to get you they’ll use whatever they can, and a statement like this will make little or no difference to that. What I will say though is that if that happens, if my or any other union leadership tries to appropriate this for some nefarious ends, I will play no part in that and I will oppose it just as I opposed the witch-hunt against comrades in the Socialist Party.

Finally, I’ve also read that the statement is ‘silencing’: that it’s too “you’re either with us or you’re against us” and leaves no room for discussion or debate. Well, for some examples of how effective our alleged attempt to silence discussion on this issue has been, see the following… ermmm…discussions:

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