Just in case you missed it, Elly Tams, aka Quiet Riot Girl, aka one of the very few people to have ever earned the dubious honour of being blocked from commenting here, has a piece up at the MRA site ‘A Voice for Men’ entitled “Leaving the Sisterhood.” And sorry but no, I’m not going to and never will link to that site, so if you want to read the piece you’ll have to let google be your friend.

In the piece QRG  uses up an awful lot of words to explain to the virulent misogynists who frequent the cesspit of hate that is A Voice for Men why she’s no longer a feminist – although evidence that she ever was a feminist is scant to say the least.

And look, I even get a mention in the piece:

“The list of well-known feminists who spend a good deal of their time and energy demonizing and putting down men is long. We all have our “favourites” – Amanda Marcotte, Melissa McEwan, Cath Elliott, Jill Filipovic and Gail Dines spring to mind. But I have found myself identifying the UK Guardian journalist Suzanne Moore as particularly guilty of misandry.”


I have to say though, if I managed to put only half the time and energy into ‘demonizing [sic] and putting down men’ – or fighting the good fight as I prefer to call it – as QRG puts into explaining to the world why and how she hates feminism so much, the patriarchy would have been dead in a ditch a long long time ago.

It’s the comments underneath the piece that I want to focus on though. Specifically this comment, from someone who calls himself Jean Valjean.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

“I wonder. . . If I were an Israeli who happened on a German who used to run the ovens at Auschwitz and he told me that he no longer hates Jews; how do you think I would react?

Congratulations. You’ve have an advanced degree in hatred that you now repudiate.

Here’s your cookie.”

Wow. Just wow.

Still, I’m sure Elly, Paul Elam and the rest of the brotherhood will rub along fine together now, despite that slight, erm, hiccup.