Not that I’ve ever sat in a saddle, or even ridden a horse, but I know what I mean by that title even if you lot don’t….

Basically this is a quick post to let you know that that’s my extended blogging break over with, and normal service is about to be resumed. If I can find time between working, trade unionising, and watching the Olympics that is.

I have to admit I’m one of those people that spends the best part of three years finding most sports entirely boring, but who then becomes suddenly addicted to just about all of them as soon as the over-hyped, over-priced and (this time round) over-here event kicks off. And yes, I did watch the opening ceremony, and yes, I did think it was fucking awesome. And no, I see no contradiction at all between enjoying the subversiveness and sheer spectacle of the opening ceremony and the amazing achievements of the athletes, while at the same time recognising and being critical of the cost of the whole thing and the corporatisation of it. In my book being a leftie cynic does not mean having to piss on anything and everything – see, my (in)famous curmudgeonliness does have its limits after all.

While I’m here though I do just want to say thank you to everyone, both online and off, for all the support and kindness I’ve received over the last couple of months. (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about the post below this one will explain it all.) It has been a really crap time, but hopefully I’m through the worst of it now and, as a famous fictional character once said, I’m back.