After already admitting that 70% of what she writes is fiction, it looks as though Nadine Dorries has even managed to confuse herself now about where she stands on abortion. For instance, here’s an exchange we had on Twitter the other night:

And yes, I do have a remarkable ability sometimes to remain calm and respectful – perhaps I should think about going into politics (or not!).

But anyway, during that exchange someone pointed out this piece from the Mail in 2008 – As a young nurse, Nadine witnessed the horror of late abortions. Now an MP, she says the law MUST be changed:

“While she is campaigning for a 20-week limit now, Dorries would ideally like to see the limit reduced to the European level of 13 weeks. Recently, she watched an abortion at 19 weeks in a North London hospital.

“A baby aborted at 19 weeks is given a lethal injection into the heart. It is the most scary and unbelievably horrible thing to experience. This is Death Row.”

Which is fair enough, in that it still doesn’t contradict what she said in her tweets. Dorries says in that Mail interview that her ideal would be to see the abortion time limit reduced to 13 weeks, but she doesn’t say that she has any intention of campaigning for it herself.

But then this morning Unity posted this little gem on Twitter:

And here’s the full quote:

“You are right about one thing. I do want to go lower than 20 weeks.”

A statement that really doesn’t fit with this one:

“I will never, ever, attempt to restrict abortion below 20 weeks EVER.”

Confused? Yes, I do believe she is. And she’s not the only one…