That was my favourite placard slogan from Friday evening’s protest in Bedford Square against the bigots and harassers of 40 Days for Life.

Here are some pictures I took to mark the occasion. See if you can spot the glaring difference between them and us.

Praying at the shrine of the box of plastic foetuses

Put all the women at the front so it looks like there’s more of them…

Men who will never have to face the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy

More men who will never get pregnant.

“Woman not a womb”

“Women’s bodies women’s lives”

“Our bodies our lives our right to decide”

“Protect women’s right to choose”

Women standing up for women.

Men praying to their male gods

Click those beads all you like, we’re still going to win this one.

For more pictures and some ace videos of the protest go to

HarpyMarx – A woman’s right to choose….

Kate Belgrave – Pro choice demonstration, central London March 30