As you’re no doubt aware, Mumsnet launched their rape awareness campaign yesterday – We Believe You

I’ll be blogging more on the campaign later, but I just wanted to highlight one of the Twitter hashtags that has already come out as a result of the Mumsnet launch -#ididnotreport.

This hashtag came about because so many of those who responded to the Mumsnet survey on rape and sexual assault revealed that they did not report the crimes perpetrated against them. In fact I think the percentage of those who didn’t report pretty much tallies with what we already know about the reporting of rape and sexual violence – something like 40% of adult women who are raped never tell anyone about it, and 31% of children who are abused reach adulthood without having disclosed their abuse.

Anyway, Mark Malone (@soundmigration) has now archived the tweets so they can all be read in one place – #ididnotreport archive.

There are hundreds of tweets there, because yesterday afternoon and last night hundreds of people decided it was finally time to speak out about their experiences of rape and sexual violence. Many thanks to all those who took part, and much love to all those who wanted to but still couldn’t.

And obviously please be aware if you’re going to read through the tweets that the thread can be triggering.

The Rape Crisis National Freephone Helpline is open from 12-2.30pm & 7-9.30pm every day of the year: you can call them on 0808 802 9999