I was sent the link to this video a few weeks ago and, having watched it a few times now, I’m still undecided about it. I’m just not sure it works.

Here’s the text of the email I received introducing the artist and the video:

“I wanted to introduce you to the new video from Billboard-acclaimed singer/songwriter, Sarah Fimm, for the song “Everything Becomes Whole”.

The video was inspired by real-life accounts of violence against women; whose end result is a visually haunting and emotional short film. The video depicts a relationship that quickly turns from loving to abusive, with the male character overpowering and physically harming the female character. Sarah’s hope is to shine light on the issue, and create a call-to-action that inspires others to get involved with organizations determined to bring an end to the issue.

Currently, Sarah is working with both the International Justice Mission and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to inspire viewers of the video to get involved and make a difference.”

And here’s the video: (Trigger warning)

Like I said, I’m not sure what I think about this: I’m not convinced it works, but then I also think the film’s probably a bit too arty for my tastes. The song’s growing on me though.