Sometimes I get sent press releases: today is one of those days.

PRESS RELEASE:  Launch of World’s First Erotic Alarm Clock
DATE:  14th November 2011
Luxury gift company Gallus et Mulier has launched the world’s first erotic alarm – designed exclusively for ladies who like to wake up with pleasure.
The Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator will be launched at the Erotica show in the Grand Hall Olympia, London from 18th – 20th November 2011
The Little Rooster is worn inside your knickers but outside your body. It starts very gently and then slowly increases in power until you…wake up.
“Most of us hate the sound of our alarms, so I thought why not make an alarm clock people actually will look forward to?” explains Inventor Tony Maggs, from London.
The Little Rooster is the ideal luxury gift for the modern woman – it comes beautifully and discreetly packaged, with its own silky carry case. It has a snooze function, a snorgasm® function, a play mode, dual motors and an internally sealed rechargable battery.
What makes the Little Rooster really special is that delicious semi-conscious state when you’re not yet quite awake. Other alarms tear those precious moments from you. The Little Rooster not only lets you savour them, it makes them even dreamier.  Whether you leap straight out of bed or let it run its lazy course, no other clock will wake you with this joyful secret thrill.
The Little Rooster is the perfect way to start each day with a smile on your face!
The Little Rooster is available from and retails at £69 (including shipping). To celebrate the launch there is £20 off during November.

This is one of those rare occasions when I genuinely can’t think of anything to say!