Obviously that title is a complete and utter lie, but apologies once again for the deafening silence around here in recent weeks.

In my defence I wasn’t actually here last week anyway – I was locked away in a darkened room behind the scenes at UNISON’s National Conference, putting together the daily women’s newssheet – from where I hardly had a chance to tweet let alone blog.

Speaking of which, is anyone else who was there completely baffled by the UNISON President’s instruction at the beginning of day 1 that there should be no tweeting from the conference hall, at all, during the whole entire week?

I understand that mobile phones interfere with the loop system used in conference, so I could understand if the instruction had been that all mobiles should be switched off while conference was in session, so therefore no one using a mobile would be able to tweet, but what about those of us with laptops or iPads? What’s the argument against people tweeting from them in the conference hall?

Twitter just strikes me as a strange thing to ban, especially considering the increasing number of sessions I’m being asked to deliver to UNISON branches on how trade union activists can use social media as a campaigning tool, and considering that the previous day at UNISON’s Local Government Conference delegates had been encouraged to sign up to Twitter and other social media.

But maybe I’m missing something, so if any techies or UNISON officials can explain what the whole “no tweeting in the hall” thing was all about I’d be really grateful.

So anyway, that’s why it’s all been a bit quiet on here. First I was preparing for conference, then I was at conference, then I needed a few days to recover from conference. But I’m back now, so full service will be resumed shortly.