Like about half a million other people, I took part in Saturday’s March for the Alternative. My youngest daughter, ace photography student Sophie*, also came along, and she took most of the photos in this post.

We were actually near the front of the march with the main UNISON contingent, and so we made it to Hyde Park for around 1.30pm, in time for all the speeches. We sat on the grass with some friends, ate our lunch, and listened to various speakers, until just after 3pm when we decided to have a stroll back along the march route to see how the rest of the demo was coming along.

And came face to face with these:

It was by pure coincidence that we were right outside Fortnum and Mason when the UK Uncut occupiers went in:

The march going past Fortnum and Mason

Why’s everyone stopping?

Uk Uncut flag being unfurled to much cheering from the onlookers.

UK Uncut Flag

Then things outside started getting a bit hairy:

And we found ourselves getting caught up in the crush at the back, so at this point we decided to move on.

We continued walking back along the march route, amazed that after so many hours the demo was still going strong. Then we stopped off for a bite to eat, and headed to Trafalgar Square.

Where there was a massive party going on:

I told Sophie that I’d heard they were planning to occupy Trafalgar Square for 24 hours. It was all so laid back and looked like so much fun that she tweeted:

And then she set her camera on record and took this short film:

And that’s how Trafalgar Square looked when we left it, with people dancing and the police standing around looking pretty chilled about the whole thing.

And yet by the time we got back to Liverpool Street about 45 minutes later and checked Twitter again, all that had changed.

*For the rest of Sophie’s #March26 photos see her flickr set here.