…whose comment I refused to publish on the never ending thread – More on husbands and their ‘entitlement’ to sex (the follow up to the now closed for comments “Your husband has a right to expect regular sex“) left a charming comment for me recently in my pending comments folder. So I’m reproducing it here for your delectation, to once again illustrate the quite stunning levels of misogyny those of us who regularly blog about feminism and women’s issues are exposed to.


“Lol, afraid to post my posts. Typical scared little girls who can’t handle the truth, and you wonder why men don’t take you seriously, lol. Keep hiding in your “safe space” you dumb little victims, eventually we’ll smoke you little manipulators out, who are big enough to dish it out but not big enough to take it.

xxx you stupid femi-hag. Men don’t spawn children – women do. Women are greedy little fuck holes who exist to have children and raise them – evolution has determined this – and who are barely above the mental level of a child themselves. That is why men even keep women around – for fucking, for babies and caretaking duties – otherwise you are simply whiny, greedy, unproductive, manipulative, semi-child-like little parasites that have no other value. Also, in the age of feminism men don’t legally own our own sperm once we have ejaculated into you – women do – and they do with it as they choose. Your body, your choice, your responsibility. lol.”

I’m not sure what that ‘lol”s doing at the end there. Or the one at the beginning either. Perhaps the poor guy’s got a nervous tic or something.