I’m dashing about here there and everywhere this week so I probably won’t get a chance to write a proper post until at least Thursday.

I did however want to draw people’s attention to this post – Rape Statistics – What can we rely on? – over at Ministry of Truth, where Unity’s had a good look at the Department of Health’s claim that ‘A woman is raped every ten minutes’, and discovered that they’re wrong. According to Unity the DoH campaign should in fact say “‘a woman is raped every six minutes‘ before going on to add that just over a third of those women can expect to be raped more than once in the next 12 months, if nothing is done to help them.

Also BicycleSlut has some great pics up from Saturday’s Reclaim the Night

And finally the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize site has some pics up of this year’s winners and nominees, and yes, that is me you can see in the bottom picture. I was very honoured to have been nominated for this year’s individual prize, along with amazing awesome women like Rebecca Mott and Finn Mackay. Many congratulations to Finn who won the award, and to this year’s group prize winners – Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales.

Right, that’s me done for now. Back in a few days.