Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t give me the option to publish that heading in green ink, and unfortunately for Garvnor from Redbridge, the Daily Mail website doesn’t give its readers that option either.

All things considered though, it’s probably for the best.

Anyway, here’s the comment in full, under this article on today’s fantastic news that the Coalition has now dropped plans to grant anonymity to defendants in rape cases:

“Oh well there is a suprise!! What a joke I thought in this country you were innocent until being proved guilty! Rules for one not for the other! Women can have woman only gym’s, clubs, driving schools, insurance,trains, taxi’s and on and on!! Yet men if they want a private Mens club or any other men only establishment were all classed as sexist!! THIS COUNTRY IS AT IT’S END were finished!!!!!”

Meanwhile Timon from London has this to say:

“So, once again, the Tories have caved in.

This is no surprise. I’m just glad I wasn’t stupid enough to be fooled by this treacherous party.

So all the lying women can continue their war on men. The facts show that over 90% of rape accusations are lies, made up by these evil women to ‘get back’ at a man who has dumped her, or to try to deny responsibility for drunken sex later regretted, or simply to earn money from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.”

Yep, apparently “the facts” show that over 90% of women are evil lying scheming bitchez. And when we’re done stitching up innocent men with our false accusations of rape, off we pootle in our women-only trains to our women-only clubs and gyms, courtesy of course of all that dosh we’ve managed to rip off from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.


Were finished!!!!