From today’s London Evening Standard (hat-tip to womensgrid)

Rape case police ‘faked evidence to improve Met’s clear-up rate’

Three Metropolitan Police officers are facing prosecution over allegations that they used fake evidence to halt a rape inquiry.

Investigators suspect that part of the victim’s statement was fabricated to make it appear she had retracted her rape claim, allowing her complaint to be written off as a “no crime” incident.

The apparent aim was to improve the force’s clear-up rate for sex offences by reducing the number of unsolved cases left on its books….

…Today’s revelation is likely to lead to calls for a wider investigation into how the Met tackles sex crimes, amid suggestions that officers were placed under excessive pressure to write off cases that were hard to solve as “no crime” incidents.

The case involving the three officers follows a complaint from a woman who made a rape allegation at Walworth police station in May last year.

It is understood that the alleged attack followed a night out drinking with a man she met on the internet. After making her allegation, it is understood she indicated she would be unwilling to assist the police further or testify in court. That would have left the incident recorded as a crime but difficult to solve, leaving the Sapphire unit with an undetected rape to add to its figures.

Investigators from the IPCC are now understood to allege that the officer who took the woman’s statement added sentences to it saying that she now understood that, while she regretted her encounter with the man, she had given her consent and that no offence had taken place.

And people wonder why women are so reluctant to report rape.

Unsurprisingly, the consensus on Mumsnet at the moment in answer to the question “If you were raped would you report it” appears to be a resounding “not a fucking chance!”