Polly has already kicked off a discussion under another thread about this appalling story in the Daily Mail (and in today’s Guardian) regarding the rape victim who was imprisoned for 8 months on Friday for retracting her original allegations. I figured maybe it would be more appropriate to start a new thread on this.

Plus I’ve just received the official statement on the case from Rape Crisis (England and Wales), which I wanted to highlight here. Here it is:

“Rape Crisis (England and Wales) are outraged that yet again a woman is being punished and criminalised for choosing not to pursue her case through the criminal justice system (CJS).

This flies in the face of any progress that has been made in the last few years around how the CJS responds to women who have been raped.

We are shocked that this woman has received a custodial sentence and by the length of it.  It highlights a complete lack of understanding of the complexity and reality of women’s experience of violence in their lives.

The act of making a false retraction is not an offence in its own right and we are calling for her immediate release and for an investigation into how this shocking situation has arisen.”

I really hope Rape Crisis and the other women’s organisations who have spoken out for this poor woman are successful and that she gets released soon. I also hope the judge ends up facing some kind of disciplinary action for their appalling decision.