*Trigger Warning*

Chanelle Sasha Jones was stabbed to death by her father, Gary Fisher*, in the passenger seat of his car on August 2nd 2009. Quite rightly Fisher is now serving a life sentence for Sasha’s murder.

On Monday of this week however, the IPCC reported the results of its investigation into Dyfed-Powys Police’s handling of the case. And while the police were found to have “acted correctly in how it searched for 17-year-old Chanelle SASHA Jones after she was reported missing on 2 August 2009”, the IPCC press release also has this to say:

“The IPCC investigation also looked into previous contact the force had with Fisher as Sasha’s mother had previously contacted the police on 102 occasions. The investigation found that four officers had not taken appropriate action in dealing with some of her numerous reports of concerns to the force.

The four police constables will be subject of management intervention for the way they dealt with some of these reports.”

The press release goes on:

“IPCC Commissioner for Wales Tom Davies said: I would like to offer my condolences to Sasha’s family and friends for their tragic loss. Our investigation found that the police acted correctly in how they responded to the report from Sasha’s mother that she was missing. As the apparent threat grew the police acted accordingly and managed to trace and stop Fisher’s car.

Unfortunately, Sasha was already dead and it is likely that she had already been murdered when her mother called the police.

The many times that the force dealt with Sasha’s mother with previous interactions were not all carried out in accordance with best practice and policy for dealing with reports of possible domestic abuse.

This is one of those cases where the force was called out on numerous occasions and there was a tendency for some officers to characterise some of Sasha’s mother’s concerns and allegations as her ‘tending to over-react.’”

Yep, you read that right. A mother contacted the police on 102 separate occasions to raise concerns about her daughter’s safety while in her ex-husband’s care, and the police dismissed her because they decided in their infinite wisdom that her calls were nothing more than an indication of her “tending to over-react.”

And now Jane Jones’s daughter is dead. The daughter whose safety she was so concerned about she rang the police 102 different times.

I wonder what “management intervention” the four constables are going to be subjected to…

*For those not familiar with this case – when Fisher was arrested he claimed he had killed Sasha “to end her suffering,” following her rape by a local man a few years previously. Fisher tried to make out that he brutally murdered his daughter as an act of compassion, but thankfully the jury saw straight through that heartless, unmitigated shite.