Total Bollocks has recently published its annual blog polls, and surprise surprise, feminist blogs are once more conspicuous by their absence. No doubt they’ll be absent from the 2010/11 Total Bollocks Guide to Political Blogging in the UK when that comes out too, as they are, every month, from the Wikio political blog rankings .

Because feminism isn’t politics apparently. Well, not according to the men who run the blokeosphere it’s not anyway.

So, in an effort to counteract this oversight/deliberate snub of women’s contribution to the www, I’ve come up with my own list. Unlike the men’s list though, mine isn’t ranked, a) because I’m not into all that competitive hierarchical shite and b) because quite frankly I couldn’t be arsed. Instead it’s in alphabetical order, mainly because I’m an ex librarian and that’s how I roll.

And just to point out, this is by no means the definitive list of UK feminist bloggers. I’m sure there will be some mistakes in my list; blogs I’ve missed off and blogs I’ve included that shouldn’t be on there. What it is though is a work in progress, which I aim eventually, once you lot have helped me refine it a bit, to post as a resource page on this site. So, if you’re on the list and wish you weren’t: let me know. If you’re not on the list and think you should be: let me know.

And here it is:

The missing list of UK based feminist bloggers (aka The Great Ignored)

  1. and all that Chas
  2. Anti-Porn Feminists
  3. Applejackson
  4. At Home
  5. Autonomous Radical Feminists
  6. the bearded lady
  7. Beyond Feminism
  8. Beyond Retrograde
  9. Birmingham Feminists
  10. brand new feminist
  11. Cardiff Feminist Network
  12. Cats and Chocolate
  13. Cloblog
  14. Cruella-Blog
  15. Daily Feminist Action
  16. Delilah
  17. Don’t Dance Her Down Boys
  18. Earwicga
  19. Face to the World
  20. FemAcadem
  21. Femblr – A Feminist Tumblr
  22. Feminazery
  23. Feminist Memory
  24. F For Philistine
  25. The F-Word
  26. Get There Steppin’
  27. Hangbitch
  28. Harpymarx
  29. HollabackUK
  30. Incurable Hippie’s Musings and Rants
  31. It’s Not A Zero Sum Game
  32. Jennie Rigg
  33. Kaite Welsh
  34. Lady Sophia
  35. LASH Campaign
  36. Lee’s Random Blog
  37. Liztopia
  38. LonerGrrrl
  39. My Fault, I’m Female
  40. Noble Savage
  41. Notes From a Femme
  42. No to Hooters in Bristol
  43. An Open Letter by a Feminist
  44. Other Stories
  45. Paperhouse
  46. parallelexistence
  47. Penny Red
  48. Philiobiblon
  49. PinkStinks
  50. Political Blonde
  51. Posie Rider
  52. Progressive Women
  53. provincial intrigue
  54. Rarely Wears Lipstick
  55. Rebel Raising
  56. rmott62
  57. A Rye View
  58. Shut Up, Sit Down
  59. Sian And Crooked Rib
  60. Stroppyblog
  61. Subtext Magazine
  62. Tales of a bad feminist
  63. The Tempest In The Teacup
  64. Too Much To Say For Myself
  65. Trafford Rape Crisis Blog
  66. UK Feminista
  67. Uplift Magazine
  68. Vagina Dentata
  69. Vicky Simister’s Blog
  70. We Mixed Our Drinks
  71. Well I’ll Go To The Foot of My Stairs
  72. We Won’t Submit
  73. Woman on the edge of time
  74. Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things
  75. Womensgrid
  76. Women’s Resource Centre Blog
  77. Women’s Views on News
  78. XXray specs
  79. You Call Yourself the Moral Majority
  80. 101 Wankers