As you may have seen from the recent press, the oh-so-tasteful-and-not-sexist-in-any-way-at all restaurant chain Hooters have put in an application to open up a new branch in Cardiff. You may also have seen that there’s been some opposition to the application, especially from feminists. There’s the Say No to Hooters in Cardiff Facebook group here for example (if you’re on Facebook, just click to join, it’s dead easy), and there’s the Say No to Hooters in Cardiff petition here (again it’s really easy to add your name – all you have to do is click on the link and fill out a couple of boxes).

So how have Hooters reacted to fact that some people have spoken out against the proposed new restaurant? Have they respectfully argued the case for how and why they don’t think they’re particularly sexist for example? Or have they perhaps argued that at least they’re providing jobs and helping boost the local economy and how that can only be a darned good thing in the current dire economic climate?

No, of course they bloody well haven’t: this is Hooters we’re talking about ffs, not some ethical yoghurt weaving company that actually gives a shit about not offending people. No, instead Hooters, or should I say Hooters’ fans, because of course there’s no evidence to suggest that the proprietors themselves are actively involved in the let’s heap scorn on the humourless femnazis and show what a bunch of sexist homophobic tossers we truly are in the process campaign that’s now firmly under-way, have pulled out all the stops.

Here’s an extract from a piece on the Brew Wales website for instance, entitled “Rug-Munchers moan about new Cardiff bar” (and no, I’m not linking)

“Last week it was announced that an American theme bar by the name of Hooters wants to open in Cardiff, causing much outrage and even a protest from the rug-munching-denim-overall-wearing-not-using-imac-brigade. Okay darlings, we supposedly live in a free-market economy – if a company wants to open a perfectly legal business then they should be allowed to. What happened today in Cardiff, outside the John Lewis Department store, was that the objectors to the opening of the perfectly legal business were soliciting autographs from shoppers in order to present a petition to Cardiff Council Licensing Department to stop Hooters from being allowed to open, without explaining any of the facts about the comapny.”

See what they did there? They called feminists the “rug-munching-denim-overall-wearing-not-using-imac-brigade” Hahahahaha! ZOMG stop me now before I split my fucking sides from laughing so much….

And here are some quotes from the (unofficial) @hooters_cardiff Twitter account:

“Lots of flat chested hairy legged protestors outside John Lewis, Cardiff Library then the Hayes this afternoon, more free publicity”

“homophobia, quite the opposite, nothing better than a good girl on girl DVD”

“Here’s a great advert to annoy the hairy legged brigade”

“Good afternoon fellow teeters, hope you are all having a good time and not letting those nasty rugists annoy you”

“what is that expression, judge a tree by its fruit. Except lesbians cant breed and as for what they wear….shudder”

“stereotyping is nasty, as I say, that’s the whole problem with all those hairy legged carpet munching dykes”

“Follow friday, well to many to recommend so just click on any of my followers (expect the badly dressed ones with moustaches, aka feminists)”

“glad I am amusing someone, have been under fire from munchers and hairy legged”

And on and on and on….

Some feminists on Twitter have, quite understandably, taken the bait, and have attempted to engage the Hooters’ tweeter in discussion. Others, like me, have chosen to ignore or block him/her (did I mention that the Hooters’ tweeter is deliberately following some quite high profile fems on the site?) And yes, I realise that by writing this I’m now contributing to giving them far more publicity than they deserve, but fuck it, I’m not going to stay silent and let misogynists like this off the hook. Darn, did I say misogynists?  Sorry, I forgot we weren’t supposed to be using that term anymore what with it being so overused ‘n’ all. Still, at least I haven’t used ‘sexualistion’ yet. Argh! I just did it didn’t I? Ah well, in for a penny in for a pound and all that….

So anyway, I could give you an intelligent well thought out treatise on why and how such lesbophobia and misogyny is not okay, even if it is purporting to be tongue-in-cheek and all a bit of a laugh, but frankly I can’t be arsed to waste my time de-constructing the blatant assshattery evidenced above.

All I will say is, the only people conforming to any kind of stereotype in this recent debacle are the Hooters crowd, and as far as I’m concerned they should keep it up. Because if anyone wants to make the case to Cardiff council as to how and why Hooters promotes and perpetuates sexism and demeans and degrades women, the evidence is all there, on the Internet, for everyone to see.

So, way to go Hooters fans. Oh, and thanks for doing our work for us.