I’m a bit swamped at the moment so I haven’t really got time to do this subject the justice it deserves. But just in case anyone’s forgotten, here’s a quick reminder that the Orange Prize for Fiction winner will be announced tonight.

Personally I’m rooting for either Barbara Kingsolver, for The Lacuna (which I nearly gave up after the first couple of chapters but which I’m so glad I persevered at), or Lorrie Moore for A Gate at the Stairs.

My (purely hypothetical) money’s actually on Hilary Mantel for Wolf Hall, but, despite my earlier vow to read all the shortlisted books this time round, as I didn’t manage to read that one, (and to be perfectly honest, no amount of bribery would ever persuade me to read a novel set in the 15oo’s [seriously, life’s too short]), I’m not in a position to say much about that book at all. Except that it’s big. Very big. In fact it’s a veritable tome of a book.

But anyway, good luck to all the authors, and fingers crossed in particular for my two…..