I was curious to see what, if anything, the nation’s self-appointed moral arbiters have had to say on the subject of the sexualisation of girls and young women over the years, so I did a little experiment earlier and typed the word “sexualisation” into the Mail Online’s search engine.

I wasn’t disappointed: the search turned up 7 pages worth of Mail articles. Here’s a selection of some titles and their summaries:

Archbishop Damns Disney (23/07/2002)
The Archbishop of Wales Dr Rowan Williams was today confirmed as the new head of the Church of England, and sparked controversy with an attack on commercial exploitation of children

Forget “outercourse.” Let’s teach teenagers some self-respect (24/02/2003) By MELANIE PHILLIPS
MANY PARENTS will have been astounded to read that a Government funded sex education programme is training teachers to tell 15-year-old children about anal and oral sex.

Scantily-clad vampires and a pass at Doctor Who…the BBC’s idea of family viewing (05/05/2010) By PAUL REVOIR
Doctor Who fans have accused the corporation of cynically trying to ‘sex up’ the programme to attract more adult viewers.

Sex, swearing and who’s really to blame for our children’s lost innocence (21/08/2008) By LUCY HUNTER
A recent survey found that 91 per cent of us blamed society for over-sexualising children but where does society end and personal responsibility begin?

“Sexy schoolgirls” are poisoning our culture (09/02/2007) By BEL MOONEY
Object to sexualised images such as the photos of Girls Aloud posing as ‘sexy schoolgirls’ and you’ll be derided as a prude. But the truth is they’re poisoning our culture… and turning every child into a potential sexual target

Erotic girl group steals innocence of childhood (03/02/2007) By BEL MOONEY
‘Why do you like the Pussycat Dolls?’ I asked a nine-year-old girl in pink rabbit ears as the group perform a concert at Wembley area. ‘Cos they’re thexy’ she lisped. And another piece of childhood died

Boycott call on clothes that ‘sexualise’ children (22/09/2005)
A boycott of stores selling lacy lingerie, mini-skirts and ‘boob tubes’ aimed at children as young as six has been demanded by one of Britain’s top nurses. Retailers are accused of sexualising young girls – and contributing to the rising epidemic of teenage pregnancies. Click here to tell us of examples you have seen

How pop became porn (01/03/2010) By LIZ JONES
A Home Office report calls for a ban on sexually explicit music videos before 9pm. An increasingly furious LIZ JONES spent a day watching every teenager’s favourite pop channel.

Make-up and high heels at seven? It’s time we mothers stopped our girls becoming sex objects (08/01/2009) By LIZ FRASER
Parenting expert Liz Fraser tells how a whole generation of little girls have had their innocence taken away from them.

How raunchy Lady Gaga and co make girls grow up too soon (26/04/2010) By DAILY MAIL REPORTER
Psychologists said youngsters’ inhibitions were being lowered because they are exposed to increasingly explicit lyrics which promote having sex as the ‘norm’.

How can I protect my daughter in a society that sexualises children, asks Ulrika Jonsson (06/11/2008) By ULRIKA JONSSON
A few days ago, my eight-year-old daughter Bo came home from school with a bemused expression on her face. One of her friends was hosting a makeover party.

We don’t want to grow up so fast, say ‘stressed’ girls (14/07/2008) By LAURA CLARK
Girls are being psychologically damaged by the pressure to grow up too quickly, researchers say. Sexual images in adverts and teenage magazines are contributing to mental health problems.

Music, videos and clothing are sexualising our children, warns rape centre boss (12/08/2009) By JAMES TOZER
Suggestive clothing and explicit music videos are eroding society’s values, said Dr Catherine White, a clinical director of a sexual assault referral centre in Manchester.

Why do Rihanna’s pop songs have to tell girls they’re ‘sluts’? (20/05/2010) By DR LINDA PAPADOPOULOS 
Our children are surrounded by messages and images that aren’t intended for them. But these messages are so prevalent they can’t avoid them.

Teen beauty contest that lists vital statistics branded ‘a shop window for sex offenders’ (26/05/2009) By DAILY MAIL REPORTER 
Online contest Miss Teen Queen UK was blasted after it featured a string of girls under the age of 16 with details of their cup measurements as well as hip and waist sizes.

What a sick world when women yearn to look like girls…and little girls are dressed to look like women (19/04/2010) By OLIVIA LICHTENSTEIN
As Primark axes a padded bikini for seven-year-olds, one mother asks how parents can fail to realise the consequences of dressing their daughters in clothes that add fuel to the sick desires of paedophiles?

Teenage boys watching hours of pornography are treating their girlfriends like sex objects (08/03/2010) By PENNY MARSHALL 
We’re in a world where there are few, if any, boundaries in place to ‘protect’ a woman’s honour. Women are free to behave as they wish and the vast amounts of sexual content on TV and in films attests to that.

What are their mothers thinking? Girls as young as 13 parade themselves for a disturbing new beauty contest (02/06/2009) By NATASHA COURTENAY-SMITH 
In provocative poses, middle-class girls parade themselves (and their vital statistics) for the Miss Teen UK competition. They may not know better but their mothers certainly should.

‘Sex kitten toys are robbing children of their innocence,’ says watchdog (10/02/2009) By SEAN POULTER 
The chief consumer watchdog has condemned the sexualisation of young girls, warning it triggers ’emotional distress, anxiety, low self-esteem and eating disorders’.

Too much too young (19/02/2010) By DAVID CAMERON 
Premature sexualisation is like pollution. It’s in the air that our children breathe. All the time.

The little girls ‘sexualised’ at age of five (20/02/2007)
A generation of girls is being psychologically damaged by the sexualisation of toys, clothes and cartoons, having a devastating impact on mental and physical health, experts have warned.

The message here is clear: the Mail firmly believes that sexualising girls and young women is wrong. They think it’s a bad thing. In fact as far as the Mail is concerned, the sexualisation of girls and young women is all but responsible for the downfall of society itself.

Imagine my confusion then when I turned to today’s Mail and found this piece of wank-maggery:

Miley Cyrus ends her London visit with a bang: singer gives the crowd at G-A-Y her raunchiest performance yet

“Miley Cyrus has gone to great lengths to shed her ‘good girl’ image and it won’t be long before we’ve forgotten about the wholesome teen who played Hannah Montana.

The singer has been in London promoting her forthcoming album Can’t Be Tamed and she made sure that she lived up to the title of the new LP with an outrageous performance at G-A-Y this weekend.

Miley, 17, would have been made aware that performers at the club often put on their most raunchy routines at the infamous club which no doubt gave her the impetous to go that little bit further for the largely homosexual crowd at the venue.


“Starting out in a Union Jack top, Miley soon found herself stripping down to her black dress, which had sections cut out both on the torso and at the top of her thighs.” Pants the Mail Online reporter, “In fact witnesses at the club said her underwear was clearly visible during much of the energetic performance.”

“This is just terrible!” he goes on to say: “What on earth was her mother thinking?”

Except, erm, no, sorry, no he doesn’t. I made that last bit up.

No, you might expect the Mail Online reporter to say something like that, especially given the Mail’s previously published pieces which I’ve outlined above. But he doesn’t say it; not this time.

This time we’re treated instead to a piccie of 17 year old Miley Cyrus, where her underwear is clearly visible, captioned with:

“Extra hot: The 17-year-old singer kicked off her act wearing a Union Jack top, but soon removed it to reveal a barely-there black dress”

And here are some of the Google Ads that accompany the piece:


The sexualisation of girls and young women is a bad bad thing according to the Daily Mail. Unless of course it’s the sexualisation of a young hot 17 year old like Miley Cyrus.

Then it’s a thigh-rubbingly, tongue-hanging-outedly, darned good thing.