I see from the comment section that I’m not the only one who picked up on this….

From the site Women’s Views on News, “a daily online news and current affairs service aimed at women” that  “allows anyone (once they have been given guest author status) to post a story about any news or current event anywhere in the world, as long as they abide by two basic rules:

  • That it is about women or told from the perspective of women
  • That it respects the “house” rules which, in general terms, state that racist, sexist or fascist material will not be accepted.”

….here’s Phyllis Stephen writing about Samantha Cameron’s decision to have her children driven to school by a woman rather than by a man:

“There are two things at issue here. The first is the security of the children which must always be paramount. It is in my view questionable whether the driver should in this case be a woman. If there is an incident involving the children, and one hopes that is not even a remote possibility, would that be more easily dealt with if the driver was a man? Risk assessment of security issues must involve assessing the worst case scenario and that must therefore anticipate a kidnap or terrorist possibility, so is a woman driver in this particular case the best person for the job?”


I don’t think Phyllis can have read the house rules properly…