Sorry, but I think it’s  a bit late in the day for all those who leapt so readily on the Nick Clegg bandwagon to now be tweeting and wailing and gnashing their teeth crying #dontdoitnick. ‘Cos to be quite frank, the notion that Clegg might be happy to jump into bed with the Tories really isn’t the bolt-out-of-the-blue-fuck-we-never-saw-that-one-coming shocker some of them appear to think it is.

In fact three days before the election Clegg was quoted in the Financial Times saying that a commitment to electoral reform wasn’t a precondition to any deal, and making it clear that he was prepared to go into talks with David Cameron in the event of a hung parliament.

And yet guess what? Despite the fact that he made no secret of his willingness to sup with the devil if it meant he could have a share of the power, all those claiming him to be the new Messiah continued under their delusion. And not only that, they continued to encourage others to go along with it too.

I have to say all that “vote Lib Dem if you want a truly progressive government” shtick  was some of the most naïve bollocks I’ve ever had the misfortune to listen to during an election campaign. I mean what did people seriously think was going to happen here? Did they honestly believe that the two privileged, privately educated white boys wouldn’t look to each other first?

If so, what arrant fucking nonsense.

Well I’ve got a message for Gordon Brown: and that’s #dontdoitgordon!

If the Lib/Con coalition talks come to nothing, and Clegg comes hawking his wares to Labour’s door and demanding a seat at the table, just tell him to do one. Tell Clegg to fuck off.

He nailed his colours to the Tory mast the minute he defied convention and declared Cameron the rightful heir to the throne. And he made clear his true allegiance when he ignored the fact that in the event of a hung parliament the existing Prime Minister has first dibs on forming a coalititon government.

Clegg talked the other day about how Cameron thought it was “his birthright, his entitlement, to take his turn running the country”. And yet here’s Clegg now thinking exactly the same about himself. Here’s the leader of the party that came third, suddenly thinking that polling fewer votes than his rivals still entitles him to a share in the power.

Well it doesn’t. In fact coming third entitles him to Jack shit. And it certainly doesn’t entitle him to be the fucking Prime Minister as per Sunny Hundal’s ridiculous  suggestion on Lib Con this morning.

So yes, if the Lib/Con talks fall apart #dontdoitgordon. Give it up and let the Tories have their prize. Let them have their minority government.

Then sit back and just see how long they last.