I’m not sure whether it’s down to Nick Clegg’s performance in Thursday’s Leaders’ Debate, and the subsequent sudden and entirely unexpected rise of the Lib Dems in the voting public’s affections; or whether it’s down to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano and the travel chaos that has since ensued, but believe it or not there’s actually very little to update you on as far as sexist shite* coverage of the election campaign goes.**

It’s bizarre I know, but it seems the meeja may have finally woken up to the fact that it needs to focus on more important things than what Sarah or “SamCam” have  been wearing. It may have finally got the message that people are tired/bored/thoughly pissed off with reading superficial nonsense about the latest “Cameron cutie” or about which party leader so-called “Lambrini Ladies” would prefer to snog.

But whatever the cause of this abrupt about-turn in the election coverage, whether it’s Clegg or Eyjafjallajokull,  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I for one am immensely grateful. In fact I’ll be glad if I never have to write another election sexism post again.

I really hope I’m not being unduly optimistic here, counting my chickens before they’re hatched and all that. After all, there’s still a couple of weeks to go. But if things do carry on the way they have over the past few days, it looks as though my job here might actually be done.

Fingers crossed!

**Apart from The Daily Mail obviously, which will no doubt continue with its sexist shite coverage right up to polling day and beyond.

Here, for example, is Jan Moir on Cherie Blair:

“Just when the Labour Party start to claw back the Tory lead in the polls and entertain the idea that they might win again  –  enter the dragon.

Almost three years to the day since she left Downing Street for the last time, cackling to the British media that she would not miss them….”

And here’s Liz Jones being, well, Liz Jones, and hating on everyone but Liz Jones:

“Never mind David Cameron’s face on that poster, his life is airbrushed. Married life is not like this.

And I can’t help but wonder what is being left undone while these women wander about the countryside wearing navy LK Bennett courts.

Can’t you see Sarah Brown’s brain whirring away, wondering if she put the dark wash in the dryer?”

Oh, and here’s The Sun. Talking gibberish. Prizes for anyone who can tell me what the fuck this headline even means:

Sam ‘n get it while it’s hot

*If you see any glaring examples of sexist shite during the  General Election campaign that you think I may have missed,  feel free to email them to me at cathryne_1999 at hotmail.co.uk