Introducing a new, month-long series, where I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the meeja* and picking out some of the sexist-shite coverage of the General Election campaign.

Episode 1

From Andrew Pierce in today’s Daily Mail:

Ugly rumours may cost Cash the cutie dear

“Joanne Cash, the Conservative Party Alister, has been tipped for Cabinet office if she wins the marginal seat of Westminster North.

Tatler magazine has named her as one of the ten Tories to watch and Vogue included her as one of the top 50 women of the age.

Small wonder, then, that Ms Cash is pre-eminent among the telegenic Cameron cuties whom the Tories will be hoping to wheel before the cameras in the weeks ahead.”

Meanwhile, here’s Jan Moir in the same paper:

War of the wives: How did Sarah Brown and SamCam compare in the fashion stakes?

“Together, this trio of attractive, clever, multitasking, modern, juggling, have-it-all career women make up the political First Wives Club.

For better or worse, it is their mordant destiny to be the life partners of our great leaders, reduced to totems at their sides…..

….So scramble the helicopters, here come the girls!”

And joy of joys, this one even comes with some pics:

“Sarah Brown on the campaign trail yesterday”

“and Samantha Cameron wearing a smart jacket combination”

Blimey, you’d have thought someone would have told them they still had the tags on their clothes…..

General Election 2010: The battle of the leaders’ wives

And in a classic case of you’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Labour Party stalwarts have decided it’s a good idea to stereotype all women under the age of 40, by labelling this targeted demographic: “Take a Break women”


*If you see any glaring examples of sexist shite during the  General Election campaign that you think I may have missed,  feel free to email them to me at cathryne_1999 at