While I was in the States last week I saw….

……..some sights I’ve always wanted to see but never imagined I’d get the chance to.

Like the New York skyline for example:

and the 9/11 memorial site:

I also saw some things I wish I hadn’t.

Like a pile of these t-shirts on sale in a shopping mall:

The image on the front is of a woman with her mouth taped, with the words “enjoy the silence” printed underneath.

It’s made by LRG (the Lifted Research Group), who promote themselves as a creative lifestyle clothing company…..

I also saw this amazing looking building as I was strolling along 5th Avenue:

but when I got a bit closer I spotted this:

However, on a more upbeat note…

Some photo opportunities are just too good to pass up:

And some things are just too irresistible to leave behind in the shop:

(Charles Dickens Action Figure, with quill pen and removable hat!)

So Dickens now takes pride of place on my desk (and will hopefully be providing me with some writerly inspiration):