It would be easy to let the Tories off the hook over the embarrassing gaffe in the “Labour’s Two Nations” report they issued yesterday, in which a decimal point was stuck in the wrong place: but fuck it, I’m not going to do that.

Because the erroneous decimal point is more than just a simple mistake: in fact the decimal point reveals far more about the Tories’ own “Two Nations” than it does about anything else in that report.

Now obviously, since it was picked up earlier by the MSM, the mistake’s already been rectified in the document, but for those that missed it here’s a brief run-down of events.

Yesterday, to much fanfare, the Tories released this report which they claimed was a “comprehensive assessment of the level of inequality under Labour”

In fact here’s the tweet, which says just that:

The problem is that in the report they claimed that a massive 54% of teenage girls living in the country’s most deprived areas are likely to fall pregnant before they get to 18. That’s right: 54%! Well, as has now been pointed out, that decimal point was in the wrong place: the actual figure should have been 5.4%.

But it took others outside of the Conservative Party to point the mistake out to them. It took people with a grasp of sodding reality to read that figure and go: “Hang on, 54%? That can’t be right!” and delve a bit deeper into the stats.

But I wonder how many Tory Party faithful had already checked through the report prior to its publication yesterday; I wonder how many of them had looked at that figure, nodded along, and thought: “54% of ’em pregnant: yep, sounds about right.” Or alternatively, and probably more realistically, how many of them had read it and muttered to themselves “54% of ’em. 54% of the feckless sponging hordes spawning kids just so they can get their own council houses and benefits and live in luxury off the rest of us just like their feckless sponging work-shy parents before ’em”

If ever proof were needed that David Cameron’s oh-so-modern and caring Conservatives are completely out of touch with the lives of ordinary people, this is it. If ever proof were needed that the Tories haven’t got a fucking clue, it’s here, in their willingness to accept without question that over half of teenage girls living in deprived areas are up the spout before they’re barely out of nappies themselves.

Welcome to the new Conservatives: spouting the same old same old hysterical Daily Mail shite they always have.