…and I know I’m not alone.

This week professional controversialist Marilyn Manson, (formerly known as Brian) has run into some well-deserved controversy following the  release of his latest music video: Running to the Edge of the World.

Why controversial? Because towards the end of the video Brian can be seen beating a young woman to a bloody pulp. In fact, he goes even further than that, so by the end of the video he’s actually beaten the woman to death. That’s Marilyn Manson, aka Brian, killing a woman. In a music video. For our entertainment.

Here, watch it if you can, but be warned, this is seriously disturbing stuff, and potentially triggering:

Actually, no. Fuck it. I’m not embedding the video here. Click on this link instead if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Do you know what? I’m really sick of this shit. I mean, really really sick of this shit.

I’m sick of opening the papers or logging on to the Internet and reading about the horrendous abuses women are subjected to on a daily basis. I’m sick of hearing about men like Steve Wright or Anthony Sowell or countless others the fucking world over, men who seem to be running some kind of macabre competition among themselves to see who can get the record and notch up the highest number of femicides ever. I’m sick of the rapes, of the beatings, of the day to day misogyny.  And I’m sick and fucking tired of seeing all that abuse, all that undisguised contempt, all that rampant woman hatred, being served back to us all in the guise of popular entertainment.

Because do you know what? It’s not.

It’s not entertaining in the slightest.

Hat-tip to Lady McScamp for drawing my attention to this. And for being slightly more articulate about the shittiness of this video than I’m managing to be at the moment.