Following on from this comment from damagedoor which I’ve copied here from the last thread:

“This is, I know, totally the wrong place to post this, so Cath, please feel free to delete, move or ignore as appropriate, but I was wondering if you saw The Force last night?

It’s a series of three documentaries following real-life police investigations. The first was a murder investigation. Last night’s was about rape. Both have been very good, in their way, but last night’s concerned me a little overall. It (very roughly) followed three investigations. Again roughly, ten minutes were devoted to a clear-cut case that was charged, ten minutes to a case that was dropped (but appeared genuine), and forty minutes to a claim that turned out, in the end, to be malicious and false.

I’m someone who might question statistics but has no doubt that false rape claims are a tiny fraction of the whole. So I’m not posting this ‘mischieviously’. I thought it was – to say the least – oddly balanced as a programme. Did you catch it, and, if so, what did you think? Genuinely interested.”

I’ve just watched the programme he’s referring to.

And yes, I agree it was very oddly balanced, with most of the programme being devoted to the investigation of what turned out to be a false claim, and only a passing mention of the other two cases. I was also interested to see how despite the success of Portsmouth’s Crystal Unit, the first dedicated specialist rape unit outside of London, there seemed to be a distinct lack of will from senior managers and others within the force to keep the unit going beyond its 6 month trial period.

Anyway, here’s the link to last night’s programme. It’s just short of an hour long, so if you’ve got time to watch it I’d be really interested to hear your views: