Well okay, maybe I’m not, but I can put an Airfix kit together and that’s got to count for something, right?

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend Saturday’s hugely successful Feminism in London conference (the advice I was given was that even though I’m doing really well after my surgery, a trip down to London would have been too much too soon). To make up for it, or at least, to take my mind off what I was missing, Linda suggested that instead we should spend our weekend putting the finishing touches to the Eurofighter. And so that’s what we did.

We’d already put the main body together a few weeks ago (and found a more practical use for clothes pegs!):


All that was left to do now was finish off the fiddly bits, like gluing on the missiles and the wheels and stuff.

Here’s the (nearly) finished plane:

IMGP0018 - Copy IMGP0020

But of course once all that was done we then had to paint it.

And that’s when we ran into problems

This is the guide sheet that supposedly tells you what colours to use and where:


Seriously, life’s too short and all that……

…….So this is me ignoring the guidance and painting the plane in a colour of my own choosing:


These are the gazillions of transfers you’re supposed to stick on a Eurofighter:


And this is the guide sheet that tells you where all those gazillions of teeny tiny transfers are supposed to go:



I mean, I know I’m bored with all this convalescing, but even I’m not that fucking bored.

So here’s what we did instead. We chose some different stickers to decorate it with.

Here’s the now finished Eurofighter from the top in all its glory and magnificence:


And here’s the underside/underbelly/undercarriage or whatever the technical term is:


Is that looking awesome or what?

Now I reckon I’m on to something with this little beauty. For instance, we all know how companies have to make things in pink in order to persuade us ladies to fork out our hard-earned cash on them, things like laptops, and mobile phones, and breast cancer charity items, well I think I’ve solved the problem of how to recruit more women into the RAF. Paint the planes Barbie pink and decorate them with sparkly hearts and flowers. It can’t fail…..