On Tuesday Cath had her hysterectomy which all went according to plan.  Talking today Cath said she still loves the NHS and believes that everyone should have a dashing Mills and Boon consultant just like she did.  The nurses have been fantastic and whilst she hasn’t yet got to try NHS food she is building a good appetite for it.  She is a little disappointed that those pesky fibroids have not been pickled in a jar and presented to her as a memento.

Cath is now the proud owner of the Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon F MK.2 and has promised that she will be building the plane just as soon as she can.

cath elliott and the Eurofighter

But no sooner had I turned to leave and let her rest, this is what happened.

cath elliott and The Lady

That hospital information sheet has started to work already.  A hysterectomy really must be a life changing event afterall.


PS: Cath also apologises about the gauge/gouge incident – other things on her mind at the time I think – lets not mention it again heh