…around here, or at least it has been recently. This is mainly because, much as I’d love to be able to spend all my time writing and blogging, some times real life gets in the way.

So last week for instance, I gritted my teeth, tried to forget about my fear of flying, and went over to Belfast for a few days as part of a small delegation from Unison’s National Women’s Committee. We were invited over to learn about the work the Northern Ireland Women’s Committee have been doing around domestic abuse and workplace domestic abuse policies, but while we were there we also managed to take some time out to do a bit of sightseeing.

Here’s the Belfast Peace Wall for example. The wall is over 20 feet high and separates unionists and nationalists in West Belfast. I was surprised to hear that despite the peace agreement, gates in the wall are still locked every night.

peace wall

And here’s some hooligan graffitiing on the wall:


Here’s just one of the amazing murals on the Falls Road:


The inscription at the top reads: Everyone has the right to live free from sectarian/racist harassment

And here’s a memorial from the Falls Garden of Remembrance:

You fools

The inscription reads: The fools, the fools, the fools! They have left us our fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves Ireland unfree shall never be at peace

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see everything I’d have liked to see, so I’m looking forward to going back there again one day when I’ve got time to take in all the sights.