For today’s post, the first of a new series I’ll be featuring here entitled : Everyone point and laugh at the MRAs (or alternatively: You really couldn’t make this shit up), it gives me great delight to introduce to you Bernard Chapin, regular contributor to MRA site Men’s Daily News and host of the YouTube series Chapin’s INFERNO.

Here’s Chapin in his (unintentionally hilarious) recent video: Take a Stand Against Feminists, spouting forth on his bizarre theory that “how men go to the bathroom has been a feminist obsession for four decades.”

Some memorable lines include:

“The American male, once proud and mighty, has been reduced to having to lift up his own toilet seat.”

“So consumed are they (feminists) with the notion of male superiority [ ] that they lobby for products to be created that force us (teh menz) to squat while urinating.”

(On devices designed to enable women to wee standing up – potentially useful at events like Glastonbury, or indeed when trapped for hours at a demo by police):  The bottom line (hah! bottom line! geddit?) here is that I don’t care what women do when they go to the bathroom, any sanitary means is fine by me, but just don’t tread on me…. Ah…. there’s the rub, because they can’t do that, they have to come after what we do.”

Chapin goes on to quote extensively from this nine year old article by Jasper Gerard at the Spectator, but omits the bit where Gerard talks about how embarrassing men’s public toilets are: “One stands in shuffling silence staring with mock interest at the wall in front. Under no circumstances does one divert a glance by a single degree (unless one is a follower of Tom Driberg). Far from being a venue to display one’s masculinity, one feels embarrassed even to be there.

Chapin concludes: “Look, we’ve got to fight these people, yes, only by non-violent means, but we’ve got to stand up to them, and the first thing we’ve got to do is continue to stand up while going to the bathroom. Don’t let them force your habits in whatever direction they want to. They have sick fantasies of control and domination and let’s not give in to them. Remember: fight the power.”