Because I’ve been busy the past few days and haven’t had time to write anything myself, I thought I’d share instead some of the thought-provoking pieces that have come my way recently via my rss reader:

Feminist Law Professors provide links to a really interesting debate entitled “Is it wrong to pay for sex?” Participants in the debate include both Catharine A. MacKinnon and Melissa Farley.

Sarah at Paperhouse has been reading Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands. (And so has Suzanne Kleid at Bitch Magazine) And so have I. And I think Sarah’s conclusion that “just because Helen has a smart mouth and eats her own pus doesn’t make her any less of a poster girl for self-harm” hits the nail on the head.

Harriet Jacobs at Fugivitus has written an awesome piece about abuse.

Women on the Web have an interview with Gloria Steinem, who’s “still committing outrageous acts at 75” apparently.

Margaret at AROOO has been thinking about privilege. Butterflywings has too. And Amy’s Brain adds to the debate (thanks again Polly for the link).

Maggie’s coming out

Celie’s not impressed with so-called feminist dudes.

And witchywoo and friends have been dining out in their pj’s. (and judging from the reaction this news received from some of my friends, I suspect they may have started something!)