No, that’s not me talking about Freddie the Bastard again, it’s someone called Lisa Musil, referring (surprise surprise) to her two aborted foetuses.

Here’s Fox News:

“Musil, now 45, had her first abortion at 19 because she was too frightened to admit her pregnancy to anyone — including her then live-in boyfriend, the Assist News Service reported.

But terminating the pregnancy caused her so much pain that she tried to cover it with “drugs, alcohol, partying and a promiscuous lifestyle,” she told radio host Rich Buhler in an interview with KBRT AM-740.

That lifestyle led to her second pregnancy — and subsequent abortion — just before she was due to serve a jail sentence for a drunken driving conviction, ANS reported.

“The world tells me that it was only a blob of tissue, but my heart tells me otherwise,” Musil told by e-mail. “The grief often times was more than I could bear.”

To try to cope with that pain, Lisa Musil turned her efforts to honoring those who have gone through abortions.

“It’s been a desire of mine to establish a memorial where post-abortive women can go to have the names of their aborted children engraved to honor their remembrance,” she said. “As this is coming to fruition, I was wondering what last name I would put on this memorial, and my sweet husband asked if we could find some way he could legally adopt my babies and then they could take his name.”

Yep, you read it right. So rather than her sweet husband telling her it’s a sick idea and offering to get her the help she so obviously needs, he’s decided instead to adopt the aborted foetuses, and pander to her ridiculous delusions.

“Upon hearing about Stan’s idea, Buhler put the Musil’s in contact with adoption law expert and NightLite Christian Adoptions Executive Director Rod Stoddart.

“I explained that it’s not possible from a legal standpoint, because there’s no birth certificate and no child living now to be adopted,” Stoddart told “But from an emotional standpoint, there’s no reason why we could not do an agreement between them where he would adopt those children and give them his name.”

Stoddart drafted paperwork that reflected the Musils’ desire for the adoption before each other, God and witnesses, which the couple signed on Buhler’s radio show.”

I’m relieved to hear there’s no legal basis for this bizarre adoption, but I have to say, if the pro-life brigade get their way, it’s probably only a matter of time. And what does he mean “no child living now”? There never was a fucking child!

Although I find this story intensely annoying, and the Fox coverage even more so with its emphasis on murdered children and long-term post-abortion grief, I do actually feel quite sorry for Lisa Musil. Because while there’s no evidence that so-called post-abortion syndrome even exists, I do think that for some women, especially those who are surrounded by evangelical wingnuts or those who didn’t really want an abortion in the first place, there can be long-term consequences to having one, such as the guilt and regret that Musil talks about.

For example I lost my best friend when I had my abortion in 1997, simply because H was too screwed up over the abortion her family had forced her to have when she was 18. She couldn’t understand that there’s a world of difference between choosing to have an abortion because that’s the right thing for you, and being forced or coerced into having one by other people and then spending the rest of your life wallowing in misery about it. She also couldn’t understand that her reaction wasn’t necessarily a direct result of having the abortion, but in more likelihood a response to the treatment/abuse she’d been subjected to by her family: but then I suppose it was probably easier for her to blame the abortion. Anyway, her traumatic experience had, quite understandably, made her completely anti-choice, and so once she found out I’d gone ahead and had one she then couldn’t bring herself to have anything more to do with me.

This is precisely why I’m pro-choice. Because I firmly believe that abortion should always be a woman’s choice, not something that’s forced on her either by other people directly as in H’s case, or out of fear of how they’ll react to a pregnancy, which is what happened to Musil when she got pregnant at 19.

And if women do go on to regret what they’ve done, or spend their time mourning something that never even existed in the first place, the answer is obviously not to encourage them to build mawkish memorials, or to offer to adopt their aborted foetuses, but to help them come to terms with what’s happened to them, and to get them whatever support they need to help them move on with their lives.