I’m currently working on a new and improved comments policy that should hopefully clarify how I want/expect this blog to function, but in the meantime, this is for anyone who may be wondering why their carefully crafted comments aren’t showing up.

I don’t pre moderate comments, but I do have in place a handy little wordpress gadget thingummyjig that puts you in a holding cell if you’ve never posted here before.

If that’s where you’re currently languishing, and you want to be released, I’ve got a couple of tips that you might want to take on board before you waste any more energy composing and submitting comments to this blog:

  • Don’t bother trying to post sexist woman-blaming misogynist shite like this:

“This is the thing about porn. Why does everyone go on about porn that’s in printed media/strip clubs etc when there is plenty of porn walking about the streets. Since the early ’90s women have made the choice to wear less and less. If Nuts/Zoo et al disappeared tomorrow, the boys would simply look in front of them more!

Why doesn’t feminism deal with what women are doing to encourage men into more porn. Or does that raise some sort of cognitive sexual dissonance?”

Or this:

“Get a life, get a voice, understand men. Or don’t interact with them and avoid them completely. Rapists are probably the most easiest thing to avoid if you’re not shoving your breasts in their faces.”

‘Cos it won’t get published.

  • Don’t try and post wot about teh menz comments, like this one:

“What about stopping violence against men? I’m sure thats certainly not a cause you’re interested in. But let me guess, turn about is not fair?

But go ahead and keep looking at the world through a microscope and ignore that for every female victim of violence there are 4 male victims of violence.”

‘Cos they won’t get published.

  • Don’t ever put the word rape in inverted commas, like you did here:
  • BTW http://www.scarleteen.com/article/boyfriend/how_you_guys_thats_right_you_guys_can_prevent_rape
    need to add a section which addresses stuff like “I actually don’t think he realised what he’d done”. Until they, and come to think of it, most women, realise that this tiny but massively significant detail is massively important, many many more women will continue to be ‘raped’ in the accidental basis that UJ (Ulrika Jonsson) was 20 years ago.

    ‘Cos it won’t get published.

    • And if you seriously think this is a legitimate question:

    “What’s wrong with women being forced into the sex industry?”

    You’ve come to the wrong place.

    • Oh yes, and if I already know you as a CiF misogynist, don’t be surprised if I’m less than welcoming to you here. This is my personal blog not Comment is Free, and I am under no obligation to either publish your comments, or to provide you with yet more space on t’Internet for your MRA trolling.