While the Internet can be and is a pretty amazing place at times, it can’t be denied that it also has its downsides: the proliferation of porn would be one example of the Net’s more negative features, and the fact that anyone with a keyboard and the ability to read and write (no matter how appallingly) can contribute to it if they want.

If you want to know what, or indeed who I mean by that last statement, you need look no further than Bob. Because Bob’s got himself a blog, a blog which he uses to spew out the most misogynistic, woman-hating poison you’re ever likely to come across.

Now before I go any further with this I’ll admit that I’ve been conflicted about whether or not to write about this guy since I set this blog up nearly a year ago. On the one hand I don’t want to give Bob any publicity or send any traffic to his site, but on the other hand I think some people really need to understand the sort of shite we have to deal with. And by “we” I don’t just mean feminists, or even radical feminists, I mean women.

Because Bob and his ilk hate every last one of us.  They hate us so much they want us dead.

I first came across Bob’s site when I was doing some research for my much maligned Comment is Free piece on family annihilators, and at first I honestly thought it was a spoof. But I’ve been checking in on the site pretty regularly ever since, and I’m horrified to say it’s not. This guy’s for real.

The blog post that caught my eye that first time was a charming piece Bob had written entitled: Dead cunts don’t get custody. In this Bob wrote about the very men my article had been dealing with, men who kill their families and sometimes themselves as well, out of some kind of sick desire for revenge against their ex wives or partners. But unsurprisingly, Bob’s analysis of the issue was somewhat different from mine:

But in our radical femiNazi illegal system, the SS Gestapo tries to steal the father’s children and give them to the criminal bitch who destroyed his family. He, not she, is treated like a criminal. He is routinely bound into indentured servitude, a form of slavery, and forced to pay her for destroying his family. Many men are rounded up and sent to illegal debtor’s prisons if they are unable to pay the illegal slavery payments. In the face of the pervasive criminal organizations that back up the feminist females, there are only a few viable options left for men who would not be slaves.

The first and most final option is to remember that dead cunts don’t get custody. In keeping with sacred religious teachings and practical experience, real men need to fight to protect our children. Real men don’t let our children be dragged off to suffer and fail under the “custody” of a lying cunt who destroyed their family.

In Bolingbrook, Ill, Drew Peterson discovered that his wife, Stacy, was hell bent on destroying his family. Rather than to go quietly into slavery while his children were taken to suffer and perhaps die, Mr. Peterson fought back. He refused to go quietly into slavery. He refused to sit quietly while lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes destroyed his family and stole his children. Now the blue gun thugs (“blue gun thugs” is a term Bob uses for the police) are hunting for Mrs. Bitch Stacy’s body. May they never find it. Dead cunts don’t get custody.

See what I mean?

Bob claims on his site that his posts are purely rhetorical in nature, and that they shouldn’t be misconstrued. Apparently he doesn’t advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence or assault, or any other criminal or illegal act.

Well I beg to differ.

Take last week’s contribution for example: The Femnazi Hate War Heats Up, where Bob blogged about a recent series of multiple murders, and where he did what I didn’t think was possible and surpassed his Dead cunts don’t get custody piece for pure unadulterated misogyny, vitriol and hate speech.

On this story about  Guillermo Lopez’s killing spree at a Florida birthday party, which left Lopez’s estranged wife Lazara Mendez, and three other people dead, Bob wrote:

March 15, 2009, Miami, FL: A man barged into a birthday party early Sunday, shot his adulterous “cougar” wife, her latest young “boy toy” fuck, her grown whore daughter, and her feminazi mother.

And on this story about Alabama gunman Michael Mclendon’s killing rampage which left 10 people (including his own family) dead, Bob said:

U.S. authorities are trying to deflect understanding of why a man killed 10 feminists in the worst attack in Alabama’s history. The misandrist political liars focused on the grudges that he supposedly bore. Michael McLendon finally had enough. He killed his abusive mother, his matriarchal grandmother, his aunt, two cousins and five others including the wife and daughter of the pig who lived across the street from his matriarchal grandmother. His attack on Tuesday had the hallmarks of a planned attack against the feminist dominated society.

The German school massacre? Here’s Bob:

Lying gun thugs say the gunman entered the school and opened fire, shooting at random. What investigators are lying about is that the shootings were not random. The attack targeted abusive female teachers, female students, and females outside the school. They say he killed nine students, three teachers and a passer-by outside the building, but won’t report the counter attack by a man against abusive dominant females.

But it’s Bob’s conclusion that’s truly scary, and that should be a wake-up call to anyone who believes that feminists like Twisty are lying or exaggerating when they say that some men out there really do hate us:

As the femiNazi hate war on boys and men gets worse and worse, we will see more and more counter attacks against the evil in men’s lives. Some of the men will become become suicide attackers. Some will be killed by the blue gun thugs. At first a few will survive to be sent to some hellhole prisons. As the counter attacks become more common there will be more and more courageous men who wage the war against feminist destruction and live to fight again another day. Many good men will die fighting the femiNazi, as did Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. But their names and their courage will live on.

May they all be blessed with courage and conviction. And may all good men hoist a glass to the martyrs who die fighting against the very violent and destructive femiNazi anti-men hate war.

Chilling isn’t it?

Now obviously I’m not expecting anyone to come on here and start arguing that Bob’s right, or that they’re a fan of his work (note: comments even vaguely supportive of Bob’s twisted views on the world will be deleted, so don’t bother trying); even I can see that Bob’s way off the scale as far as online misogyny is concerned . That’s not what this post is about. My issue, or the reason why I’m blogging this, is that I’m interested to hear what other people think about this guy. Or to be more precise, I want to know what people think about this man’s right to free speech on the Internet.

Because to me Bob’s writing is hate speech: and it’s incitement to violence. And while a part of me thinks it’s useful to be able to see the kind of thinking we’re up against (know your enemy and all that), a big part of me thinks that this kind of stuff shouldn’t be allowed.

And no, I’ve no idea how the Internet could possibly be policed, and no I have no idea who could be trusted with that task. And like I said, I’m not even sure if I think it should be.

I just know that Bob scares the shit out of me.

And I genuinely think he’s dangerous.

And no, I’m not linking. If anyone really wants to go there, you just need to know that Bob lives in a world according to his name. And that’s all the clues you’re getting.