Along comes this.

That’s right, wigs for baby girls. ‘Cos you know how confusing it can be when babies don’t have any hair.

As you can imagine, when my first-born was tiny I spent endless sleepless nights fretting over this problem. I can remember creeping into the nursery in the dead of night to take a peek as she lay there sleeping, and having to stifle the sobs that wracked my distraught frame when the shocking realisation hit that she looked just like a baby boy.

From thenceforth I dealt with the problem by always dressing my 3 baldy-headed girls in pink frilly babygrows, painting their nails, putting them in high-heeled shoes before they could even walk, and making sure they were only ever seen playing with dolls.

Oh yes, and just to be on the safe side, I named them all after Disney princesses.

Ariel, Jasmine and Belle have a lot to be thankful for.

(Hat tip to Lauredhel at Hoyden about Town)