From today’s Virgin Media homepage:


Just in case you can’t read the text, next to the picture of Rihanna and Chris Brown and under the heading Good girls who like bad boys it says:

What is it about bad boys that makes good girls go crazy? We look at the celebs who like a bit of rough.

When you click through to the photo gallery, the next page contains this gem:

There are many women who seem all too willing to overlook the character flaws and stick with men most girls wouldn’t give directions to. We take a look at the culprits of our theory.


Just to clarify, by culprits Virgin are not referring to abusive men, but to the women who stick with them despite their “character flaws”.

Following on from the photo gallery of celebrity women culprits, there’s then a series entitled “Bad girls” and “Bad boys.”

And who features in Bad boys?  None other than that big ole bad boy himself, O.J. Simpson.

Do you know what? I can think of a lot of ways to describe O.J. but bad boy isn’t one of them.

I’ve emailed in a complaint about this feature to Virgin, as have others, pointing out that it trivialises domestic violence and violence against women in general, and I’m waiting to see how they respond.

In the meantime, unless I’m missing something, it looks as though the offending piece has been taken down. If so, well done Virgin for acting so fast.

But in future, how about not posting shite like this in the first place?