According to playwright Zoe Lewis writing in today’s Times, the fact that she’s (yikes, the horror, I can barely bring myself to write it)  still unmarried at the grand old age of “nearly 37” is all the fault of the evol feminists:

“I was led to believe that women could “have it all” and, more to the point, that we wanted it all. To that end I have spent 20 years ruthlessly pursuing my dreams – to be a successful playwright. I have sacrificed all my womanly duties and laid it all at the altar of a career. And was it worth it? The answer has to be a resounding no.”

Actually wasn’t it Nicola Horlick who tried to argue you can have it all? As long as you’ve got a megaton of dosh that is, along with an around-the-clock rotation of nannies.

As far as I’m aware, feminists have always argued that while we’re just as capable as men, this is a man’s world, structured to meet their needs and wants, and inherently biased against women. And that as long as it remains that way, women are and always will be unable to achieve their full potential.

I’d love to know what Lewis thinks her “womanly duties” are though…..

“Somewhere inside lurks a woman I cannot control and she is in the kitchen with a baby on her hip and dough in her hand, staring me down. She is saying: “This is happiness, this is what it’s all about.” It’s an instinct that makes me a woman, an instinct that I can’t ignore even if I wanted to.”

Or then again, maybe not.