Later on today I will be embarking on an epic three-train journey across Norfolk and Suffolk, in order to reclaim my dog, Spud, from L. L has been looking after Spud since last Friday, as we couldn’t take him to Manchester with us, and he hates/is terrified of going into kennels.

I’ve written before about how my love of rail travel is being slowly eroded thanks to my local train provider’s inability to deliver me anywhere on time, and I suspect that today will prove to be quite a challenge for us both. I have about ten minutes between each connection, at rural stations with practically no signposting, no coffee outlets, and no waiting rooms. So if I miss any of my trains I’m likely to be standing around on deserted platforms in sub-zero temperatures, shivering and cursing National Express East Anglia as only a hairy-legged-crop-haired-foul-mouthed-feminist can.

I’ll let you know.

Of course it will all be worth it. At the end of my journey I have an evening of wine and entertainment to look forward to, followed tomorrow morning by a zillion mile hike through fields full of mud and cows – all because Spud apparently wants to “show” me “how he swims in the river.”

I can’t wait.

Thankfully L has agreed to drive the two of us home afterwards: I suspect any love of rail travel still remaining after today’s trial wouldn’t survive me trying to make the same journey with a scaredy-cat dog in tow.